Mission 8 - Imperial Assets

Session Summary


<…retrieving holo-record…>

Session Results

XP Rewards

  • 8 XP for successfully retrieving Project Kneepcap plans
  • 3 XP for removing the plans from the Imperial's computers
  • 1 XP for not raising the alarm in the Research building
  • 8 XP for successfully stealing the prototypes
  • 1 XP for not raising the alarm in the Factory
  • 5 XP for turning Arbrax Fenthar as an Executive Agent

=26 total XP

Duty Rewards (for 8)

  • 13 resource acquisition (prototypes, plans)
  • 8 recruitment (Arbrax Fenthar)

I wonder if anyone else feels like they have an argument for a Duty reward? I recall some factory damage, some broken droids (sabotage?), and maybe Support for helping reaching any of the above Duties? There was some Combat as well - a few droids completely wasted should equal at least a couple of points.

RB – I'd make a case for Sabotage, given the loss of all data on the generators on the Empire's part. Combat seems legit too; as you say, several droids were destroyed. –

MK – Go for it. Feel free to change the duty. Not sure exactly what to reward for that. My bad. –

New Resources

  • 5x Small shield generators. They require a power link and only cover a small area, about the size of a person. Similar in stats to the Personal Deflector Shield.